Deeply study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, show the strength of responsibility and contribution to moving forward and demonstrations – Xinhua

Deeply study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, show the strength of responsibility and contribution to leading the demonstration.

Xin Changxing emphasized this at the opening ceremony of the summer education and leadership training courses at the provincial colleges and universities.

Study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech.

Demonstrate the power of responsibility and contribution to moving forward and demonstrating

News points of convergence Higher education is the leader in building a strong educational country. On August 29, summer training and advanced training courses began for the leadership cadres of colleges and universities in the province. Provincial Party Secretary Xin Changxing attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He emphasized that it is necessary to carefully study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important points on higher education and the spirit of his important speeches on the work of Jiangsu, fully implement the Party’s education policy, realize the fundamental task of cultivating people with virtue, and make their contribution. Moving forward and holding demonstrations demonstrates greater responsibility and greater contribution.

Nobunagasho first studied the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on Jiangsu’s work with everyone, and held an in-depth exchange of views, combined with the placement and organization of the Fourth Plenum of the 14th Provincial Party Committee. He noted that the prerequisite and basis for leading cadres at all levels of the province to do their job well, studying and understanding the spirit of the two important speeches of the Secretary-General in Jiangsu Province this year, and at the same time studying and implementing the spirit of a number of important instructions given by the Secretary General of Jiangsu. Leadership cadres in colleges and universities should take the lead in leading by example in terms of deep learning and thorough understanding, as well as penetrating the mind and heart. It is necessary to accurately capture the important position of “go ahead and be a demonstration”, the new practical meaning of “strengthening wealth and beauty”, the work stages of “setting for 3 years, planning for 8 years and looking forward to the future”. 13 years” and the key tasks of the “ten focuses”. And further promote the main responsibility for the comprehensive and strict management of the party, further strengthening the ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness, mindful of trust, be grateful and forge. ahead and at the forefront, and always unite and fight in the direction of the Secretary General.

Nobunagasho noted that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China placed building a strong country in education at the top of a series of goals for building a strong country, and for the first time combined the three main strategies of education, technology, and talent into one plan. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in a collective study by the Politburo of the Central Committee that the main function of building a strong educational country should be to support and guide Chinese-style modernization. They fully reflect Comrade Xi Jinping’s deep understanding of the Party Central Committee of the historical laws of the emergence of a powerful country and his strategic judgments about the basic, leading and general status of education. The General Secretary is very concerned about Jiangsu’s education, especially higher education. universities, they are all full of meaning. Deep concern and sincere expectations. After in-depth analysis of the new situation and new challenges facing the development of higher education in Jiangsu Province, Nobunagashin emphasized that with a solid foundation for the vigorous development of higher education in the province in the new era for 10 years, Jiangsu is fully capable and it is my responsibility to lead the development of higher education in the new era of my country. Be ahead and lead by example. With a group of excellent colleges and universities constantly developing talent, contributing to achievement and giving wisdom, Jiangsu will have more confidence and the ability to take the lead and lead by example in promoting Chinese-style modernization. On the new path, the province’s colleges and universities should become the main positions for the development of innovative talent, focus on the needs of technological innovation and industrial development, attract more “indomitable” high-level talents, and create more “stunning” high achievements. – qualified talents. To better become a source of major scientific and technological breakthroughs, make continuous efforts in basic research, continue to make efforts to build platforms, and make comprehensive breakthroughs in the transformation of achievements, to help achieve a high scientific and technological level. confidence and self-improvement. In order to better become the legacy of the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, strengthen cultural self-confidence, enhance cultural awareness, strive to release more masterpieces full of zeitgeist, highlight the Chinese temperament and reflect the heritage of Jiangsu, and tell Chinese stories that happened in the land of Jiangsu. To become a place that enhances good social governance, fully integrate into the overall situation of Jiangsu social governance modernization, achieve more in professional research and think tank services, and become the “strongest external brain” of the party committee and government. In order to better become a new highland for foreign exchanges and exchanges, “bring in and out” with an open, confident and active attitude, create a highland for education opening up to a new era, and help Jiangsu build a two-way open center. with world unity.

Nobunaga-sho emphasized that running training is a big science. Over the past two years, there has been a centralized change of leadership in colleges and universities. All party secretaries and directors should consciously be socialist politicians and educators and sincerely assume the primary responsibility for promoting the modernization of university management. It is necessary to lead the leadership team well, adhere to the basic principle of party leadership, implement the system of basic responsibilities under the leadership of the party committee, resolutely assume the main political responsibility for the comprehensive and strict management of the party, conscientiously implement democratic centralism, so as to make colleges and universities full of righteousness and ecology, a clear educational institution, a palace full of energy and vitality. It is necessary to build a good team of teachers, coordinate and work well in building teacher morality, teacher education system and teacher development support system, and make every effort to build a high-quality professional team of teachers. It is necessary to educate the youth well, tirelessly use the innovative theory of the Party to thicken their hearts and souls, effectively carry out ideological and political education, educate builders and continuers of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with the “four self-confidence.” It is necessary to ensure campus security, pay close attention to ideology, disaster prevention and mitigation, fire safety, network security, food safety, laboratory security, mental health care, etc., and maintain the stability of the overall social situation with the stability of education. Departments of education at all levels of the province must put themselves in their shoes and provide guarantees of service to fellow colleges and faculty. The provincial party committee and the provincial government will further strengthen their care and support for education and act as a strong support.

Zhang Aijun presided over the opening ceremony and was attended by Shen Ying, Zhang Zhong, Chu Yonghong and Xu Ying. Members of the provincial education committee and the leadership of the provincial education department, party secretaries and directors of provincial colleges and universities, as well as responsible comrades of the district and city education committees and municipal education bureaus participated in the training. and training.

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