Deception: (FALSE) Coral tree leaves consumed as a tea can cure cancer

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These claims are not supported, in fact health experts say more research is needed on whether these leaves are safe to eat and effective in treating cancer. Details in the explanation section.


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“#cure for cancer In other words, this cancer is known as root disease and time has passed. It will only take a few months. She is hospitalized with liver cancer. According to the doctor, her liver is still small. I can leave the hospital again. There, a doctor prescribed medicine for the Burmese shorttail. He left with the drugs. This is because it is called a tree, in other words, it is called a thorn tree. The tree trunk is full of thorns. Behind the leaves there are thorns. What to do with the leaves! Rinse the mature leaves with clean water, then grind them in a mortar. The leaves must be crushed before the destruction of the thorns. Then take a clean white linen cloth and squeeze out the liquid to make tea. Drink this liquid three times a day: morning, noon and evening. I believe that cancer will be cured. I was prescribed medication because I missed a workout. If someone finds it, please share. No danger. May they be free from disease.”



A Facebook post in Burmese revealed that coral tree leaves can cure cancer. You do this by smoothing the leaves until the leaves and thorns are crushed, and then squeeze out the liquid with a white linen cloth and drink it. The coral tree itself, belonging to the genus Erythrina, is famous for its bright red bark, leaves and flowers.

After tracking, these claims do not meet scientific advice. In fact, health experts state that there is no scientific evidence that coral tree leaves are safe to eat and can effectively cure cancer. Through AFP, Caroline Geraghty, a cancer information nurse at Cancer Research UK, said there is currently no evidence that erythrina can treat cancer.

Jenna Sherman, program manager for the Midan Digital Health Lab, also said that currently no cancer drug made from erythrina leaves has been approved by any federal drug agency. Also, the photo used for the upload does not show a coral tree, but a silk thread tree known as Ceiba speciosa.

The public is expected to be wary of health-related hoaxes, which can be dangerous. Thus, the video of the collapse of the high bridge infrastructure in China is not classified as “Misleading Content”.




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