Death Stranding 2: everything we know

Hideo Kojima knows very well how to make an impact, be it with his works or in the entire campaign of marketing that precedes them. Metal Gear Solid took the espionage genre to a new level, while also launching a stark critique of the military industry that continues to this day. Death Stranding, after the separation of the Japanese designer with Konami, was announced shrouded in mystery and multiple theories about what it could be. His very launch was not without noise; loved and hated in equal parts, there is no doubt that it became an unforgettable title. And during the past Game Awards, Kojima confirmed an open secret: Death Stranding 2 is in development for PS5. Today at FreeGameTips we tell you everything we know about this new adventure by Sam Porter Bridges, the messenger played by Norman Reedus, one of the actors most adored by the director of Kojima Productions.

A trailer with mysteries to solve

Death Stranding 2, whose title is provisional, will be a direct sequel to the first installment. Norman Reedus had advanced the development of this sequel and the public was already waiting for confirmation at the most suitable event: the Game Awards. In his presentation trailer, we see several clues about what we can find. Cryptic as always, Kojima has offered us several touches under the motto “Should we have connected?”in response to leitmotiv from Death Stranding, which dealt with the connection between isolated people in a post-apocalyptic world. Now, Kojima raises the consequences of that connection.

Sam Porter Bridges with graying hair and a noticeably aged face; a fully restored Fragile (Léa Seydoux) mothering BB Louise; a cult whose leader, masked as Higgs, wears Amélie’s hairstyle and pendant and alerts her followers with a simple guitar chord. We also have the presence of the Drawbridge company —with the motto “Both stick and rope, to protect and connect, together for tomorrow”— and a private company called APAC (Automated Public Assistance Company). Porter Bridges, retired, must return to the network, although we do not know how this event will occur. And throughout this first look the theme accompanies us BB Theme 2022performed by Ludvig Forssel in collaboration with Troy Baker.

Death Stranding 2 Sam Porter Bridges Norman Reedus Hideo Kojima Fragile Lea Seydoux Troy Baker Higgs PS5 action adventure

As for the cast of actors, in addition to Norman Reedus and Léa Seydoux, we have the presence by Troy Baker (Higgs Monaghan). As new additions, we have elle fanning Y Shioli Kutsuna, although we do not know what role they will play. “I had written the story before the pandemic,” explains Hideo Kojima during the Game Awards with an ironic smile. “But after the pandemic, I had to rewrite it from scratch.” Confinement, the desire for virtual communication, and illness were uncomfortably close topics. “I don’t want to predict more futures, so I rewrote the script.” Kojima, aware of the meme about his divine ability that was already demonstrated with Metal Gear Solid 2, is sparing in more details about Death Stranding 2.

Connecting old and new fans

However, on the Brain Structure podcast, the designer has revealed that Death Stranding 2 will be an accessible title for old fans of the previous title and new players: “I think a lot of people loved Sam, and I hope those people return for Death Stranding 2. And to attract people who have not played the first one, I have given a nostalgic and novel touch at the same time, but at the moment I can’t say more”. In the same program, the designer is very interested in the latest technologies and the new generation, which has allowed him to “do things with Death Stranding 2 that were previously impossible” .

Death Stranding 2 Sam Porter Bridges Norman Reedus Hideo Kojima Fragile Lea Seydoux Troy Baker Higgs PS5 action adventure

Regarding the audiovisual evolution of Death Stranding 2, we do know that it will use the graphics engine Decima, created by Guerrilla Games and enhanced by Kojima Productions. Said tool had already been used in Death Stranding, and offers great visual fidelity and high dynamic range lighting. Likewise, Kojima Productions will have the support of Guerrilla regarding issues of its engine. Regarding motion capture, PlayStation Studios Visual Arts will once again offer us that hyperrealism with Epic Games’ MetaHuman.

About him gameplay, Kojima has not revealed more details for the moment, although this aspect was the most polarizing of Death Stranding: some players considered it repetitive to the point of comically calling it “the Glovo simulator”, others appreciated its unique and intellectual aspect, in addition to the symbolism of the history. With Kojima’s statements about bringing old and new fans together, maybe we’ll see some twist that takes the experience to all tastes, without giving up exploration, resource management and stealth to avoid attacks from CVs, without forgetting certain moments of action. Drawbridge’s presence anticipates that he may move us into new territory, where we will discover new partnerships to connect with. It is also striking that Fragile has its own BB and cries tar, which indicates its ability to repatriate. Will he be a playable character in Death Stranding 2? Various theories, analyzing the trailer frame by frame, will populate social networks in the coming months.

Death Stranding 2 does not have a specific date and 2023 may be too early to think about a release that Hideo Kojima is carrying with fair discretion, although the designer has promised us more information this coming year. Announced for PS5, one would think that it would be a temporary exclusive like its predecessor. On the other hand, we await new projects from the designer, such as his upcoming horror title Overdose starring Margaret Qualley and the film adaptation of Death Stranding.

Death Stranding 2 Sam Porter Bridges Norman Reedus Hideo Kojima Fragile Lea Seydoux Troy Baker Higgs PS5 action adventure

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