Dead Moskita | Johnny Depp’s unexpected relationship with Scientology

In recent weeks, without a doubt, Johnny Depp has been at the center of the scene because he won the defamation trial against Amber Heard. But, in the midst of all the stories that were told about the actors, an unexpected relationship between the actor of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the questioned Scientology came to light.

And it is that although the actor highlighted, more than once, that he comes from a Protestant family but that he was away from all kinds of “institutionalized” religion, in an interview with “The Straits Times” he stressed that at a time when his situation Economically it was very difficult, Scientology helped him.

This happened when I was very young, sharing an apartment with a friend in California. “I was broke. He (his friend of his) would go to Mexico all the time and leave all those pesos lying around. I changed them at the cashier on the corner so I could eat and smoker,” says Depp. «I did that until I found a Scientology place down the street. They gave you three dollars to take a strange test. He answered all kinds of strange questions with different names. I survived like this for a while«.

Although in the case of Johnny Depp his time in Scientology was brief, there are other actors who are the flag of the organization, such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Elisabeth Moss, Juliette Lewis and Kristie Alley, among others.

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