David Beckham would raise his hand to buy Manchester United

The Athletic recently reported that the owners of Manchester United they would be willing to sell the teamafter the poor sports results in recent years and the pressure that a large part of the Red Devils fans have exerted against him.

The Glazers would analyze the sale of the English team, which was acquired by Malcom Glazer in 2005 for the amount of 790 million pounds sterling. Although at the moment there is nothing official about the end of the Glazer era with Manchester United, names have begun to be handled as probable successors.

David Beckham, possibly interested

Financial Times revealed that david beckham would have ample chances of entering the bid for the acquisition of Manchester United. His affinity with the fans and the institution itself make him an attractive potential buyer, but it is not yet clear if he would do so on his own or if he would form part of a consortium of buyers, acting as co-owner.

In the past, Beckham has approached investors to discuss a possible purchase of the team, however, the talks have not progressed. Now, everything seems to indicate that the former English player would return to the charge for the historic Premier League team.

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