Daughter of Peña Gómez complains that she works in a supermarket after not getting a job in the PRM government

“Right now I am in the United States and I work in a supermarket, yes, as you hear it, in a supermarket and, therefore, I identify with you”, that’s how the message began. Desiré Peña, daughter of the late José Francisco Peña Gómez, to express their solidarity with those Perremeists who, after a year and three months after the establishment of the Government of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), have not been taken into account to occupy public positions.

Peña indicated that like many of her colleagues, she feels “unprotected by the party that helped win the elections.”

“At this moment, unfortunately, we feel unprotected and even forgotten, after having worked tirelessly to seek those votes for change to come, hoping to build a country and have a decent job,” he deplored.

The daughter of the mass leader emphasized that she understands that the State is not a booty, but that each person who worked for the triumph of change deserves to be placed in a job.

“It hurts me a lot to feel unprotected, it hurts me a lot to see that I haven’t heard from anyone when my father did so much for that game.” The PRM emerged from the ranks of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), where Peña Gómez was a political life and was a candidate for the presidency on several occasions.

The PRM government has earned the displeasure of many of its supporters by not giving them jobs.

The Perremeists have expressed their discontent through different means, between meetings, protests, and even in Congress.

On October 21, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, revealed that nepotism was practiced in the institutions, indicating that many officials prefer to hire their relatives and relatives than their fellow party members.

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