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The most recent condition of the 82-year-old artist’s state of health was confirmed at noon this Sunday, November 14 by his daughter, María Eugenia Plasencia, who came out before the media that stand guard outside the Roma neighborhood hospital where the actress is hospitalized.


They announce the latest health status of Carmen Salinas

The only daughter who survives the first actress celebrates her birthday this Sunday amid the anxiety of having her mother in such a compromised health situation and revealed how she was.

Is stable, within its delicacy, “said María Eugenia Plascencia, as reported by El Universal. The artist’s daughter revealed that her mother “he moved his little feet again”. Last Friday, he reported a similar situation.

“I ask god) good health for her and for me to give me the strength to keep going, “he added,” to get excited and keep praying because I think is listening to us. No, rather I do believe that our father God is listening to us, the truth “.

The movement that Carmen Salinas apparently had in her limbs makes her not lose faith in her daughter: “When moving that is because yes listen to me, is there, trying to fight. “

Family expects a “miracle” for Carmen Salinas

María Eugenia Plascencia reiterated that her mother is being given medications and that wait for me to “come back” with his family. However, he did not provide further medical details. Jorge Nieto, godson of the actress, reiterated that they continue to pray for the health of the businesswoman and producer.

“Here we continue waiting for a miracle, please the people who continue to join in prayer for the speedy recovery of my ‘Carmelite mother’ “, he said to ‘Come the joy weekend’ this Sunday 14.

Earlier in Wake up America on Sunday, it was reported that the family of Carmen Salinas announced that she presents “mild brain activity”, but that he was still in serious condition.

Carmen Salinas’s health condition shocks

The case of Carmen Salinas has shaken the artistic medium in Mexico. Many celebrities have turned to social networks to ask for prayers for her, as she is considered one of the most emblematic figures in film, television and theater.

It started as artist impersonator and from there he jumped to the big screen, within the so-called ‘Cine de ficheras’ in Mexico, and also on television where he ventured into the world of soap operas.

Hours before she vanished in the bathroom of her house on the night of Wednesday the 10th, she had recorded scenes in the melodrama ‘My fortune is to love you’, which premiered last Monday on Televisa’s Las Estrellas channel.

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