Dating style is highlighted, Dinda Kirana and Naufal Samudra are ignorant.


Dinda Kirana and Naufal Samudra have been dating for a long time. However, their relationship style is often under scrutiny.

Due to this, Dinda Kirana and Naufal Samudra teamed up to not worry about what people say. They prefer to go their own way.

“We both don’t think too much about other people’s views or other people’s perception of us, we both just go for it,” Naufal said when recently spotted in the West Jakarta area.

“Yes, only between us and the family,” said Dinda.

Dinda Kirana then talked about her relationship style with Naufal Samudra. He himself felt that what he was going through was still normal for a partner.

“We like such cute things. It’s annoying, but still cute,” said Dinda.

“We are more like ourselves,” Naufal said.

Dinda Kirana and Naufal Samudra have their own nicknames, namely Buffy and Puffy. They are grateful that their relationship is supported by other families.

“My family certainly loves, loves Dinda a lot, and they can see that Dinda wants me to be a better person,” Naufal said.

“But now you are still much better than me,” said Dinda.

Like most people who meet on dates, Dinda Kirana also fell out with Naufal Samudra. He was lucky that his girlfriend was able to soften his emotions.

“We were at war. We used to be just as tough, but now he has become more lenient,” Dinda said.

“It’s scary when you get angry. If you tell Dinda you can’t do it (loudly), you’ll have to slow down,” Naufal concluded.

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