Danny Sumargo defies DNA test, Vernie Hassan claims he won’t run


Danny Sumargo has confirmed he will accept Verni Hasan’s challenge for a second DNA test. Faithful Hassan himself admits that he never ran away from this problem.

Faithful Hassan announced this on his Instagram Stories. He said that he had just arrived in Indonesia.

“I have never run, I have only come to Indo once and am in Jakarta. It’s like making it up, it’s too much. Too exaggerate the situation,” he explained in his Instagram stories.

Verni Hasan’s lawyer Jeffrey Simatupang also said that this time his party will speak up when the time is right.

“Let’s be patient and wait, over time we will show up and explain to the public, of course, from a legal point of view. The main question is what word or sentence is an insult to someone?” Jeffrey wrote on his Instagram stories.

“I ask my friends not to interpret the sentence using other assumptions and not to expand on its meaning,” he continued.

So far, Danny Sumargo has been reluctant to comment much.

“I don’t want to comment too much, just do it later,” said Danny Sumargo.

Watch the video “Danny Sumargo sues Faithful Hassan for defamation


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