Danna Paola demonstrates how to wear short hair; Aracely Arámbula compliments her

This weekend some artists showed off a new look for the holidays and an example of this was Danna Paola, who surprised her fans with short hair.

The interpreter of “Aguita” He gave a postcard to his followers where he is seen with blonde hair, a white top and tight black pants.

Similarly, Danna flaunted a pearl necklace and her eyelashesNot to mention her well-worked figure and flat abdomen.

The singer’s publication has no more than 5 hours above and already has more than 600 thousand reactions and thousands of comments that are dedicated to flattering her and filling her with beautiful comments.

Even celebrities like Aracely Arámbula were dazzled by the beauty of the young Mexican.

“Beautiful doll,” Arámbula wrote in Danna’s post

“Goddess, beautiful, beautiful, I will always be your fan”, “you are a beauty, angel face” and “beautiful the princess of Latin pop”, were some comments from fans.


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