Danilo says no one is going to shame him as a PLD leader

The president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and former president of the country, Danilo Medina, proclaimed this Sunday that he is proud to belong to that organization, whose list of works carried out in the efforts carried out will not be equaled in these years.

“That is the PLD that I know, and that is the PLD that I am proud to belong to. They will not embarrass me as the leader of the Dominican Liberation Party, ”proclaimed the former president of the Republic during a swearing-in ceremony of more than six thousand people in Santiago.

He then added that he feels a lot of pride and “an honor the size of Pico Duarte” for having been the person selected to lead the PLD, “because here is the hope of redemption of the Dominican people.”

“We did more works that we did not promise, than the works that we promised,” Medina said in his speech and showed a multi-page list of the constructions that were only done in Santiago.

To the new members of the PLD, Medina told them that they have the task of defending the works of the party, and indicated that with the experience of party veterans together with the young people who are joining the party, they will have the strength to return to power in the elections. of the year 2024.

Medina added that this is the PLD that he knows and feels proud to be from the purple organization.

Medina spoke during a swearing-in ceremony, held at the Gregorio Urbano Gilbert club, in the Libertad district, where the main leaders of that organization attended.

The former president also affirmed that the PLD is not a party caricature as they want to believe.

“We are not the party caricature that they have wanted to present to the country. We are the party that has transformed the Dominican Republic for the better; and it has transformed it in all the provinces of the Dominican Republic. We are the party that has stood by the people. We are the party that has listened to the problems of every sector of the country. We are the party that created a new Dominican Republic ”, he stressed to give as an example that in his eight years of government, statistically,“ half the Dominican Republic ”was added to the country.

He specified that in 2012 the Gross Domestic Product was 60,000 million dollars and at the end of his second presidential term it had grown to 92,000 million dollars, the apartment towers being palpable testimonies of this in Santiago; in addition to the number of vehicles that make the streets of the so-called second capital of the Republic impassable. “And that was not seen in 2012,” he said.

Danilo Medina said that the PLD that the adversaries want to caricature is a party that listens and is on the side of the people, which he demonstrated by creating assistance programs at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic; citing “Stay at home”, “Phase I”, “Phase II” and “Pa´ti”, which at the end of their mandate last year 2020 benefited two and a half million Dominicans; in addition to 215,000 children and adolescents benefited with the food program in the Care Centers; plus one and a half million students in the public sector with weekly rations of raw food; together with the rations of the Social Plan of the Presidency to millions of poor families.

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