Dani Alves reveals the details of his departure from Barcelona: “I didn’t expect much more”

Daniel Alves continues to enjoy football every day. At 39, he feels like a footballer who started his career and still has a lot to contribute to Pumas, a Mexican team that boasts of having the player with the most titles on its team, with 43.

The Brazilian does not hide and speaks bluntly of all current affairs always. And he has done so in a recent interview on TUDN. In it he speaks without hiding anything about his last departure from Barcelona: “I finished my contract. What happens?nothing, bye. I didn’t expect much more. After all, he signed for six months and fulfilled them.” Alves also referred to his previous departure from Barcelona, ​​which was more bitter: “They took me out the back door the penultimate time.”

The Brazilian led the Pumas expedition that travels, curiously, to Barcelona to play next weekend, specifically inAugust 7 the Joan Gamper Trophy against the Barcelona in the Spotify Camp Nou. In what could be the last time for Alves in that stadium.

The Pumas footballer feels grateful for this opportunity: “Life gives me the right to come and play with Pumas and play at the Camp Nou to say goodbye“.

For Alves, it will surely not be just another match, nor for the Pumas that return to Spain to try to repeat the feat achieved in 2004. On that occasion they beat Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabu Trophy.

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