Dani Alves and Pumas will provoke an operation never seen before during their visit to San Luis Potosí

This will be the operation in the city of San Luis Potosí for the duel that Pumas will play on matchday 9 of Liga MX.

Daniel Alves Y Cougars they will visit the Athletic San Luis in this Day 9 of the Opening Tournament 2022. The impact that Alves has had not only with the Pumas fans, but also with the fans of the MX Leaguehas caused a security operation never seen before for a Mexican soccer team to be planned in the capital of Potosí.

San Luis Potosi It will be the first state visited by the footballer who has won 48 titles, which is why the logistics for the transfer of Daniel Alves and of Cougars to his concentration hotel in the capital of Potosí, he has been working for two weeks.

Sources assured ESPN, that the university bus will be guarded by a total of eight elements of the municipal police: three of them in patrols and five motorcycles of the same unit. In addition to using elements of the National Guard, which will be stationed outside the concentration hotel for Cougars.

Regarding the arrival of Cougars to the San Luis Potosí Airport, it is contemplated that, in the first instance, the university team bus enters the hangar area to avoid crowds when the team leaves for the concentration hotel.

Maximum surveillance is planned at the university team concentration hotel. In addition to the metal security fences that are regularly placed at the arrival of the visiting teams, it is expected that on this occasion they will be placed around the entrance of the enclosure, so that the fans that receive the Cougars looking for a photograph Daniel Alvesjust see the Brazilian and the rest of the squad with a considerable distance.

In the same concentration hotel of Cougars in the capital of San Luis Potosi, a Meet and Greet dynamic will be held, which was promoted by a sponsor of both teams. To avoid which fans of Cougars or of Daniel Alvestry to enter the bunker of the university students, each person who enters the hotel will be asked for an identification to verify that their name is on the list of attendees.

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