Dani Alves and his surprising new position in Pumas

ANDthe signing of Daniel Alves by Cougars was one of the highlights of this summer. Your change of FC Barcelona to the League of Mexico It was highly commented and even players like Rivaldo wanted to give their opinion about the transfer.

Now, he has already played 180 minutes in two games, always starting from the starting eleven and giving great performances though the most remarkable thing has been his position on the pitch.

Accustomed to the Brazilian starting from his particular right side, in Pumas they have chosen to position him in the center of the field, and it seems that to stay.

His great success during his long sports career always came from the right side, but now Brazilian journalists explain the reason why he plays in midfield. “Now that he is 39 years old, I don’t think it’s a wish to stay as a defender, because his head is where he can play a little more, play better, not get so tired, because as a winger he must have the physical part in better shape. How defense would have to go forward and back to score“, he said Fabio Lima from UOL Brazil.

“There are some experienced players, like Filipe Lus in Flamengofor example, that he played for Atlético de Madrid, and has these difficulties, because age does not help much more“He kept arguing.

Your coach’s explanations

the technician Andrs Lillini explained after the game against FC Mazatlan that he liked the performance of his player in midfield, getting along perfectly with Higor Meritao and Leonel López.

“Dani Alves is versatile because we started a 4-3-3 and when he integrates he feels comfortable. we knew it was a night of little game with wings and, rather, of creating play with the ball against a team that came to counterattack”, he said at a press conference.

Although knowing the characteristics of the player, Lillini already had in mind to put him in that position. “I chose to put that triangle with Meritao, Leo López and him to have a good footing and progress in the attack; I think it worked quite well. I’m going to keep doing it“, finished.

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