Dakota Fanning’s gesture that surprised the entire set of ‘Little Big Friends’

There are movies that you have seen more than 10 times and if it crosses your path, you would surely see it again because they marked a generation but also the career of certain actors. Little Big friends was a cute comedy story in which a young adult woman played by Brittany Murphy, befriends a girl Dakota Fanningand together they embark on a journey of adventure, learning and maturity that was very well received by audiences and critics, and is among the most remembered films.

In 2003, Brittany Murphy Y Dakota Fanning starred in one of the most remembered films of their careers, Little big friends (Uptown Girls, was its original title), in which a young millionaire with a bohemian lifestyle runs out of money from one moment to the next and gets a job as a nanny for a small upper-class girl with very refined taste. What began as a clash of completely antagonistic worlds ended up giving us one of the most tender relationships ever seen on film.


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