Dagmar Patrasov: Felix is ​​an experienced conductor

The song Peace is about the fact that each of us should have a place in ourselves to which we can lie when there is no time. I have a room in my room where I will have pleasant memories, breathe and calm down, Anna Julie Slovkova told Showtime on CNN Prima News.

Yes, there is such a place, – Dagmar Patrasov agrees. Anya’s father, Felix Slovek, on the contrary, never needed him. I didn’t find anything like it. I simply do not have such peace in my heart, or in my soul, or in my head. I’m driving, as the musician explained.

His daughter spent most of her time in her inner room when she was ill. But there are also moments when they send me, when I need to meditate, to Slovkov.

Patrasova and his daughter-in-law decided to shoot a joint video clip with their family. We were happy that we would not be here, so he will remember us, ”said the actress and singer.

I’m glad that Anika and I have such a special connection. Prove it by going on vacation together, where we understand each other very well,” Slovik said, to which Patrasov replied with a laugh, saying that her daughter could talk to her daughter during the holidays with her aunt.

Let’s get up! You go to my house, you go to the wall, you leave the wall Felix – a conductor with wood, the actor describes how she herself is on vacation with her husband. The musician declined to comment on his words.

In the clip “Room” they played the best friend of Anika Slovkova, her brother, parents and the female Dzhindika. Especially my family, because they are my closest people. I have many moments and memories when I felt great with them, when we laughed and everything was great. And even if there were some difficulties in the relationship, this does not necessarily mean that we will not be able to find a way to each other in the future, or that we have not found it. That’s why it’s not. I hope that the worst is behind us and we are on the way to peace,” added Anna Yulia Slovkova.

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