Dad is exhibited for not paying a pension and having for the Mexican GPMediotiempo

Mexico City /

The Mexico City Grand Prix It has become one of the most anticipated events year after year, which was demonstrated by the 395,902 fans who filled the stands of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, a new record set in 2022.

However, this time some of the images that occurred during its realization were used by a woman to denounce the lack of pension deposits from one of the attendees, who ended up “burned” on social networks.

In your Facebook account, the user Ana shared the forceful message along with some photographs of the fatherwho appears accompanied by another woman.

“Help me get it, because he blocked me… He doesn’t have money for his son’s pension, but he does have money to go to F1 ALREADY PAY, THAT AS OF TODAY YOU OWE $25,600!”you can read.

“I have already sent dates and dues to his mother’s house and they just throw me crazy. And that I do not count medications, hospitals and surgeries that my son has had since he has a fairly expensive disease,” he added, getting the idea that maybe it won’t accomplish anything, but “minimally embarrassed”.

The publication divided opinions in the comments section, although the support was greater.

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