Cut down on coffee if you don’t want hair loss

Palembang, Sonora.ID – Hair care is something everyone should pay attention to.

This is done so that the hair does not fall out easily.

But did you know that it turns out there are drinks that can cause hair loss? And the drink is also often consumed.

According to, the following drinks can cause hair loss:

1. Alcoholic drinks

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a deficiency or malabsorption of important nutrients in the body.

In particular, zinc or protein deficiency can cause severe hair loss, which can even lead to baldness.

Most people who drink alcohol also don’t eat the right foods and don’t get enough nutrients because of the wrong diet.

Alcohol also affects how the body processes and uses food during digestion.

2. Milk

Dairy products have always been considered a nutritious food to keep hair healthy.


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