Cubans sell their belongings to travel to Nicaragua after the announcement of the free visa

Two Cubans on the Island they told Univisión 23 that they are selling their belongings to fly to Nicaragua after what Daniel Ortega’s regime established a free visa to that Central American country.

If this country has to remain empty, it will stay, but we want to fly to Nicaragua now. We have sold our houses so that we can leave this country, “an unidentified Cuban told the aforementioned source.

“Due to the situation the country is going through, The people and especially the youth do nothing but talk about leaving this country by any means, even if it costs us our lives.. We are capable of sacrificing ourselves for a better future, “he added.

Another citizen on the island, also unidentified, said that “the Cubans are selling the houses, they are selling everything they can. Cubans can’t take it anymore because of the repression in Cuba“.

On social media doubts about trips to Managua are growing. Annie de la Paz asked this Thursday “With how much minimum money” you must travel to Nicaragua to shop and pay for your stay.

“With 1,500 dollars you are fine”, answered Alejandro Pepe. According to Jorge EM, the Law establishes that Nicaragua can be entered with a maximum of $ 10,000. “Do not carry that currency, it is useless anywhere,” he said about the Cuban peso.

Nicaragua established since November 22 “the free visa for all Cuban citizens who wish to enter” to that country due to “the number of requests from Cuban citizen brothers with relatives in Nicaragua” and with “in order to promote commercial exchange, tourism and humanitarian family relationship“, said a brief official statement.

The Cubans are desperate to fly to Managua although ticket prices can exceed $ 1,800 with Copa airline. “We are all desperate but if we are not calm the scammers take advantage. The flights are saturated until further notice, “said Shena Figueroa in the Telegram group “Cubans destined Nicaragua”.

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