Cubans residing in Puerto Rico join the demand for freedom

The clamor for freedom resounded again today, Sunday, among dozens of Cubans residing on the island who held a vigil in solidarity with their fellow citizens who called for tomorrow, Monday, the “Civic Day for Change” to demand the democratization of Cuba.

It is also a call for the release of the protesters who were arrested during the demonstrations on July 11. Those protests, according to human rights organizations, left more than a thousand arrested.

“Regardless of what happens tomorrow that dictatorship has no future. Simply put, the 11th was a milestone in the history of Cuba and from there to here it is clear that the Cuban people have lost their fear“Said the lawyer Guillermo Toledo, from the Cuban United group and who claimed to have information that Cuba has been militarized since yesterday.

As happened in Puerto Rico, other cities today held similar demonstrations in support of the convocation that did not receive permission from the government of Miguel Diaz-Canel, who has accused the organizers of “being in the pay of the United States.” “Let them know that they are not alone, that they have international support,” he said.

Toledo said that both the demonstration tomorrow in his native country, which has been called by the “Civic Day for Change,” and those raised last July show that Cuba’s freedom is near. “It may take a while longer, but that will come, nobody in Cuba wants that government anymore, “he said, maintaining that it is the young people who have taken the” baton “for change.

The activity took place in the Plaza de Armas, in Old San Juan, where the attendees – mostly dressed in white – waved the Cuban flag, as well as posters that read: “No more tyranny for Cuba”, “Patria y Vida ”and“ Down with the dictatorship ”. Along with them were Puerto Ricans and Venezuelans.

Also present was the senator of the New Progressive Party (PNP), Henry Neumann, and the mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero.

“It’s about human rights, it’s about Cuban brothers and sisters who, being here in Puerto Rico, have helped make the Puerto Rico we have today, but beyond that … this is the time not to give in, not to back down”, Stated the municipal executive.

Although there are many Cubans who assure that the end of the dictatorship is near, Jose Garcia from Cubans Unidos recalled that there are many lives that have been lost over the years and more than two million fellow citizens who have abandoned their land.

“This is the first time that the young Cuban, the one born into the revolution … is demanding freedom, because a country is not free if the people are not free and that is what the young Cuban wants, to be free”Garcia said.

Claudia mansito She is one of those young women who, she said, was indoctrinated by the revolution and dreams of a free Cuba. “We are going to fight because Cuba is the one we all yearn for … we want to see a free Cuba,” said the doctor who lived in Puerto Rico five years ago.

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