Cubans raise their voices again in a march

Cubans on the island march this November 15 to advocate for the release of political prisoners and demand an end to the repression. These are the most recent events in Cuba, the United States, Latin America and other parts of the world.

Regime denies flight permission to the observation mission that traveled to the island

11:10 am- (Sarah Moreno and Sonia Osorio) .- The Cuban regime prevented a mission composed of Rosa María Payá, founder of Cuba Decide, Hermann Terstch and Carlo Fidanza, members of the European Parliament and the influencer Alexander Otaola among others, travel to the island this morning.

“The dictatorship only delayed the inevitable: that we celebrate in Havana the fall of the communist wall of the Caribbean,” Tertsch said in a statement from Cuba Decide and in statements at the Fort Lauderdale international airport, in South Florida.

The MEP said that the deployment of terror against citizens confirms that “the criminal dictatorship is reeling.”

“You can already hear phrases that are traced to those said by the communists of Eastern Europe 10 minutes before the communist regimes fell in that miraculous year of 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and those regimes that had been making people suffer and enslave for 40 years. to Eastern Europeans, who today enjoy democracy, “said Tertsch, stating that when the regime in Cuba fell, they would fall in” Venezuela and Nicaragua and in all the countries that are poisoned by that plague that has been allowed for 63 years to emanate from the island”.

Payá thanked the MEPs and the Cubans who traveled to the island. “If anything proves this refusal, it is the fear of the military in power in Cuba and their determination to unleash even more repression against the people in the streets. We are not going to stop the mobilization ”.

“This refusal that we return to our country, that MEPs observe impartially, is nothing other than the terror that the regime intends to deploy today,” he said.

“You can delay but not stop this wave. Liberation is coming. The moment of freedom and reunification [de las familias] it is closer than ever, “said Paya, who said that the petition to the world for” Eyes on Cuba “continues.

The four Cubans and two foreigners who made up the delegation were waiting until the last minute at the Fort Lauderdale executive airport for the flight permit to board.

Artists use their social networks to support march in Cuba

10:21 am: (Carlos Martínez) .- Several artists, of Cuban origin and of other nationalities, are using their networks in this day of November 15 to show their support for the “Civic March for Change” that will take place out on the island.

The well-known Cuban actor William Levy asked on his Instagram account that the eyes of the world look towards Cuba and that they see the repression to which the Cuban people are subjected.

“We need all the eyes of the world on Cuba, please. Let the whole world see what happens. We need all your support to end this dictatorship, “he said.

Puerto Rican artist Don Omar sent a message of support to the Cuban people through his Instagram profile, which was deleted.

“I go to my Cuban brothers, I bet on the freedom and justice that they so badly need. It goes by the time of isolation, by the scarcity, by the mistreatment, by those who have innocently died in the search of respect for the right of others that has always been peace, “said the reggaeton artist accompanying the publication with the hashtags of” # 15N “,” #Cuba “and” #Patriayvida “.

The Dominican producer and composer Maffio also joined the call for the freedom of Cuba.

“Homeland and Life. I want my entire Dominican Republic to let Cuba know that they are not alone. Free Cuba and down with the dictatorship ”, wrote the musician on his social networks.

From Spain, where he is on tour, Pablo Milanés dedicated the song “Flowers of the future” to Yunior García Aguilera, the organizer of the march, and “all the Cubans that he represents and fight inside and outside of Cuba.”

“It is beautiful that we coincide in showing our claim to absolute freedoms through flowers. I wrote this song for the album that I shared with Miguel Núñez more than 7 years ago, ”Milanés wrote on Facebook.

The lyrics of “Flowers of the future” say: “There is a new breath that I carry inside that is lucidly announcing me / not everything is dead, there is someone awake who will be thinking for you and for him / those roads that we are going to open up to travel awakening the moríviví, the sleeping place, also the immortelle / all together they will make the final count of the times that are going to end / rain for the garden wind that refreshes the dead hope that it will return “.

López Obrador avoids commenting on the march in Cuba and reiterates rejection of the “blockade”

10:15 am- (EFE) .- The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, abstained from commenting this Monday on the peaceful march to ask for a political change in Cuba that intends to visit several cities on the island because the Mexican government “ it is not an interventionist, ”although he again criticized the United States’ trade blockade of Cuba.

“We are respectful of the policies that are taken in other countries, we are not interference,” said the president during his morning press conference from the National Palace.

Russia accuses the US of trying to destabilize the situation in Cuba

10:10 am- (EFE) .- Russia accused the United States of trying to destabilize the situation in Cuba by fostering the spirit of popular protest as in the case of the call for this Monday of the Civic March for Change.

“We have seen a sudden increase in recent months in the US policy to destabilize the situation on the island, stimulating the spirit of protest from abroad, including through social networks,” said María Zajárova, Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

DeSantis Announces Requesting $ 25 Million To Repair Iconic Freedom Tower

10:00 am: (Samantha Gross) .- Behind a podium with “Patria y vida” at Freedom Tower, in Miami, this Monday morning, Governor Ron DeSantis announced a request for $ 25 million to carry out structural repairs in the historic tower.

The budget request will be part of DeSantis’ multi-million dollar proposal for the 2022 legislative session. The nearly century-old Freedom Tower, which was built in 1925 as the headquarters of the Miami News, served as the central location for processing and document Cuban refugees fleeing their country to the United States during the Cold War.

It now serves as offices and museum space for Miami Dade College.

“We should all, as free people, want to see the day when we have a free Cuba,” DeSantis said. In his announcement, the governor criticized the Biden administration for not doing more in Cuba and stressed that “the state of Florida supports all those who are taking to the streets, all those who protest.”

DeSantis also recognized during the press conference those who have “fled communism and those who are still fighting communism.”

Cuban regime launches wave of arrests and intimidation to thwart the march

8:45 am: (Nora Gámez Torres) .- The Cuban government has carried out a wave of arrests and intimidation to thwart the plans of the opposition group Archipelago, which has called for a peaceful march this Monday to protest against state violence and advocate for the release of political prisoners

On Sunday, state security agents surrounded the home of Yunior García, the actor and playwright who has served as the voice of the Archipelago group, made up of young intellectuals, artists and activists. Garcia was trying to go out, alone, to walk around town with a white rose on Sunday.

The plan seems to have so frightened the authorities that security agents and government supporters transported by buses to the impoverished neighborhood of La Coronela, on the outskirts of the city of Havana, not only prevented García from leaving his apartment but also they also blocked the window through which the young man showed the flower.

French government asks Cuba to restore credentials to EFE journalists

8:30 am: (EFE) .- The French Government asked the Cuban authorities on Monday to return the necessary accreditations and credentials to the entire Efe Agency team in Havana, withdrawn last Saturday and only partially restored.

“France reiterates its commitment to freedom of the press, the safety of journalists and of all whose opinion contributes to the public debate. For this reason, it asks the Cuban authorities to return the accreditations to the affected journalists, ”a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in a note when asked about this episode.

On Saturday, the heads of the International Press Center (CPI) of Cuba urgently summoned the Efe team in Havana that is currently accredited – three editors, a photographer and a TV camera – to inform them that their credentials were withdrawn without clarify whether the measure is temporary or permanent.

Mission travels from Miami to Cuba to observe protests

8:25 am: Cuban dissident Rosa María Payá will travel to Cuba on a humanitarian observation mission, which is joined by the parliamentarians of the European Union, Hermann Terstch and Carlo Fidanza, as well as the influencer Alexander Otaola and other Cuban citizens.

They will observe nationwide protests, visit political prisoners in jails and hospitals and meet with independent leaders of civil society, according to a statement from Cuba Decide.

“The Cuban nation, which lives inside and outside the island, will be on the streets today because we demand democracy, to recover our country and advance in freedom. We have applied for permits and we are scheduled to fly this morning to participate from Cuba because, as Cubans, we have that right in the law. We deeply appreciate the solidarity of the EU parliamentarians who accompany us to be impartial observers of this historic day of civic action, ”said Payá.

Hermann Terstch MEP said: “I am going to Cuba to show support and friendship to the people who have been trampled for 63 years, and to ensure that European and American democracies are not complicit in the continuity of this regime.”

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture expresses support for Cubans

8:10 am: The Commissioner of Agriculture and Democratic candidate for governor of Florida, Nikki Fried, spoke in favor of the right of Cubans to demand respect for human rights and in rejection of the Havana regime, in a video where he said that “Homeland and life” is not just a slogan.

Patria Y Vida is not just a slogan. It is a way of life for the brave men and women of the island. It is not about left or right, but about what is right and what is wrong. So, I will tell you this. If you defend freedom, democracy and you are against the Cuban dictatorship, then you are on the side of the Cuban people, ”he said.

This story was originally published on November 15, 2021 8:36 am.

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