Cuban creates electrocardiogram simulator for US medical exams

The Cuban doctor Albert Roig created an electrocardiogram simulator (EKGs) that is currently used by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in academic examinations of health professionals in the United States.

Roig is a native of Pinar del Río, from a humble neighborhood known as “El Llamasarez”. He graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences from his province in 2009. He collaborated as a doctor in countries such as Haiti and Venezuela. After a work stay in Ecuador (at his own expense), he emigrated to the United States to reunite with his family in 2015.

The Cuban doctor From the beginning in his career he had a passion for everything related to electrocardiography and working in emergency rooms. His love of technology prompted him to create an artificial intelligence (AI) project in this area of ​​health.

In the United States he contacted the computer engineer Pedro Novales with whom I had previously worked on the development of the Syndromes App.

Roig commented his idea to Novales and they decided to found a joint venture, ROINOVA, which was also joined by the doctor’s brother, Alejandro Roig.

“During the AI ​​project (still in development) we faced a problem, not having enough EKGs. We decided to create a software that would allow us to generate any type of EKG, with an important functionality, to be able to modify each wave, interval, segment in terms of amplitude and duration. Thus was born this innovation called EKGDX”, Explains Roig.

They had created a platform with great educational potential that they enriched with diverse contents, so that it could be studied in it.

“I always had in mind the need to do something to solve a problem that persists globally. Currently, most doctors, nurses and health workers have problems when it comes to performing a proper interpretation of an EKG. This is due to the complexity of the subject and the lack of a simple, didactic approach when teaching. This has been one of my biggest motivations ”, explained the doctor.

Dr. Roig believes that in the United States there is a culture of study by question banks and tried to make your platform have the format of Board of Cardiology, so that the residents of that specialty could train with it.

“I needed authorization to do it. I wrote them an email explaining all the details and asking for permission. They asked me for access to the platform for its corresponding review. After several days, I received an email from them requesting a meeting by video call ”, says Roig.

“During the first meeting they confessed to us how incredible and new the software was. They hadn’t seen anything like it and they wanted to reach an agreement with us to be able to use it. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! “, The doctor commented in an interview with CiberCuba.

After several consultations, ROINOVA achieved a “collaborative partnership” with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Roig highlighted that he had the privilege of being co-author of the bank of questions with the Board’s format (scheduled to be published in January 2022) together with the professor Dr. Alfonso Tolentino, Vice President of Medicine and Director of the Electrocardiography Laboratory, Columbia Division of Cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The young Cuban doctor, creator of the electrocardiogram simulator (EKGs) currently used by ABIM, hopes that his story can serve as an inspiration to all those who are struggling to achieve their dream.

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