Cuban boxer Robeisy Ramírez wins Puerto Rican Abraham Nova by knockout

The boxer Robeisy Ramirez (10-1, 6 KOs) knocked out the Puerto Rican this Saturday Abraham Nova (21-1.15 KOs).

In the fifth round of a fight agreed to ten rounds, The Cuban – who defends the featherweight (126 pounds) – gave the Puerto Rican his first defeat as a professional.

“This is the result of my evolution, of the hard work I have done with my team. That’s the process.”, explained Ramírez after the triumph at Madison Square Garden, in New York. Place where he arrived in the midst of great media expectation.

“It was all a question of strategy. I am lucky to work with Ismael Salas, he is a genius”he added.

Specialized media coincide in pointing out that “El Tren” dominated the five rounds that the match lasted, combining his blows to the Puerto Rican with a solid defense that prevented his rival from being effective.

Although in the first assault the Puerto Rican left a better image in the ring, the Cuban managed to prevail in the rest of the fight despite being against a rival who surpassed him in height, reach and body weight.

Ramírez – who he landed the most important punches with his left hand– He almost managed to advance the victory to the third round when a successful combination put the Puerto Rican in poor condition, who was saved in extremis to be knocked out at that moment.

However, a straight connected with the left hand to Nova’s face after two minutes of the fifth round sent the Puerto Rican to the canvas with no chance of recovery.

The meeting was preceded by great expectation.

For Ramírez, this was his 12th victory since he made his professional debut in 2019. For Nova, this was his first loss after 21 consecutive wins (15 of them by knockout).

Before debuting in professional boxing, Robeisy Ramírez earned a reputation in amateur boxing after winning gold medals at the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympics.

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