Cuban boxer Dainier Peró DEBUTED as a professional in the United States – SwingCompleto

Although a video of the fight has not been published in any media, sources assured Swing Completo that the Cuban’s dominance was overwhelming from the first bars of the duel and that his strong punch, which he demonstrated during his time in amateur boxing, He entered the fight when barely 1:21 minutes of the first round had been consumed.

«The goal now is for him to fight again before the end of December or early January. We want to go quickly, but at the same time firmly and safely with this boy. We hope that he will grow steadily until he reaches a high level,” Rodríguez added to the aforementioned outlet.

Dainier Peró was Pan-American champion in Lima 2019 in the 91 kg division during his time in amateur boxing and participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Now, in his arrival at professionalism, under the guidance of trainer Bob Santos, who also guides to Lenier, it is expected that the youngest of the Peró brothers can continue with his career and advance with good results in such a difficult division worldwide.

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