Cuban baseball players residing in the US will be able to play in the Classic

Cuban baseball players residing in the United States, even if they do not play in the Major Leagues (MLB), will be able to represent their country during the V World Baseball Classic, in March 2023.

The United States government granted the license requested by MLB and the World Baseball Softball Confederation, organizers of the Classic, so that Cuban players residing in that country can be part of the national team, although all the details of the authorization are unknown. .

“We have received a communication from the organizers of the Clásico announcing that the license requested by them was granted so that the Cuba team can register Cuban athletes, whether they are from MLB or not, who have residence in the United States,” told the official publication Hit the president of the FCB, Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo.

The official announced that they will announce the Cuban roster that will play in the championship, when all the terms and conditions of the permit are known.

“It is necessary to point out that they were the only fair solution to the issue,” said Pérez Pardo, who considered it “arbitrary and discriminatory” for the United States to grant this type of permit, without mentioning that the causes are related to the subordination of the FCB to the Cuban government. , through the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), whose president has the rank of minister.

Likewise, he thanked the MLB and the World Baseball and Softball Confederation for carrying out the process and requesting the permits for the Cubans.

Days before, MLB denied on social media that they had met with US government officials to address the issue of permission for athletes from Cuba, but did not offer more details about it.

repeatedly the government of Cuba blamed the United States to prevent the development of his team’s participation in the Classic, especially after learning that he intends to recruit players residing in that country.

The embargo prevents the establishment of commercial relations between Cuba and the United Statesand professional baseball is affected by this measure, since Havana could obtain economic income through its players, since it does not have an independent structure.

Cuba rents its professionals to Major League teams, obtaining significant economic gains while the contracts are in forcewhich are signed by the government and its institutions, who take an important part of the monetary gains.

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