Cuba revokes press credentials for Efe agency, then returns them

(CNN) – The Cuban government revoked the press credentials of the Spanish news agency Efe in Cuba on Saturday, ahead of an opposition protest scheduled for Monday that authorities have banned. However, this Sunday the government gave press credentials to two journalists from the agency

According to Atahualpa Amerise, Efe’s Havana correspondent, the Spanish government intervened on behalf of the agency after journalists in Cuba had their credentials revoked.

Amerise said that four other Efe journalists in Cuba remain without credentials.

An unprecedented event for the agency

In a statement, Efe said it was the first time that the Cuban government had told an entire agency that it cannot work on the communist island.

Cuba will reopen its borders in an attempt to attract tourists 3:27

It is not clear whether the suspension of their journalist credentials is permanent or temporary, Efe said.

The Cuban government has not ruled on its decision to withdraw Efe’s accreditation, but has said that the United States is behind the opposition march scheduled for Monday. The government arrested hundreds of people and carried out mass trials after unprecedented protests on the island in July.

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