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By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

This Thursday, January 20, the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), updated its world rankings for both disciplines, both in the male and female sectors, considering the performance of each country associated with the entity in the last four years. , from the Sub12 categories and up to the professional level.

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As published in the WBSC official page, Japan, Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion, continues to dominate men’s baseball worldwide and remains at the top of the ranking of 85 qualified countries, with a total of 3,752 points, followed by Chinese Taipei, which rose to second place with 3,321 units , displacing Korea to third place with 3,137.

Mexico, for its part, rose to fourth place with 2,722 points, its best historical position in this ranking, supported mainly by the results achieved by its U23 team in the World Cup in the category. In addition, the Aztecs established themselves as the best Latin American baseball exponent before the WBSC and now in all of America, by surpassing the United States, a country that fell to fifth place, now with 2,445 units.

The biggest jump among the pointers was made by Venezuela, also supported by the U23 category, in which they were crowned world champions, to anchor in sixth place in the ranking with 2,255 points, beating the Dominican Republic, which fell to seventh with 2,235, and the Netherlands. , maintained in eighth place with 2,058 units, the best European nation in the ranking.

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In the case of Cuba, Antillean men’s baseball climbed two positions in the WBSC ranking with respect to the previous list, by adding 1692 units, achieving its goal of returning to the Top 10 in the world, a segment that closes Australia (1610) in tenth place, as the best ranked nation in Oceania, although it dropped three places.

With this movement, Cuba ranks as the fourth best country in Latin America and fifth in the Pan-American region, in an attempt to return to the stellar planes of world baseball that they abandoned in recent decades, although still far from the positions of privilege. To a great extent, Cuba’s return to the Top 10 was due to the performance of its U23 national team, which ranked fourth in the category’s World Cup held in Mexico.

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From the Top 20, other relevant changes are the cases of Colombia (1,346), bronze medalist at the 2021 WBSC U-23 World Cup, a result that allowed it to jump two positions to eleventh, while the Czech Republic (1,091) also gained two places. to reach 14th place in the world, its best position in history, while Israel (659) moved up four places and now occupies number 20.

Already out of the Top 20 of the WBSC, the biggest promotions came from Sweden, number 40 in the ranking, which rose 33 positions; Hungary, which climbed 15 places to 52; Great Britain, which improved nine places and is now ranked 23rd, while Croatia gained 11 positions and is now 32nd in the world.

For its part, El Salvador experienced the worst drop in the ranking, losing 18 positions and ranking 66th, while Belarus and Honduras dropped eight to 53rd and 48th positions, respectively.

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The best European nation, the Netherlands, rose to eighth place with 1,740 units, while Canada, with 1,713, dropped one position to ninth. Venezuela, remained in position ten with 1619 points.

Cuban women’s baseball is still better placed than the men’s!

As it happened in the previous list published in August, the most surprising thing for Cuba in the WBSC rankings is that the Island’s women’s baseball continues to occupy a better position than its men’s version, confirming the bad times it is experiencing the Cuban ball within the country.

Cuba, in the women’s branch, remained in seventh place on the WBSC list with an accumulated score of 520 points, since the ranking did not experience any change compared to the previous one, due to the fact that no official competitions were held in the second half of the year. 2021. The Antilleans are the third best in Latin America and the fifth in the Pan American area.

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Japan remained in the lead with 1,355, followed by Chinese Taipei (1,097), Canada (1,029), the United States (1,015) and Venezuela (900), as the top five nations on the planet. The Top 10 is completed by the Dominican Republic (717), Cuba, Australia (509), Puerto Rico (371) and Korea (364).

Cuba women’s softball plummeted, men held onto spot

As for softball, both male and female, the rankings did experience changes, highlighting as the most important the rise of the United States to the top of the list among women with 3,510 points, to surpass Japan (3,052) as number one in the world. The nations of Canada (2,631), Mexico (2,416) and Puerto Rico (2,378) round out the Top 5.

In the case of Cuba, it experienced one of the most resounding drops in the list, falling 12 positions from 18th to 30th place, with a total of 260 units. Only Argentina, which lost 16 places, and the Dominican Republic, Aruba and Curaçao, which lost 15 places, had a worse result than the Antilleans in the period.

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In the men’s sector, Japan did remain in the lead, unchanged, with a total of 2,927 points, followed by Argentina (2,817) and Australia (2,303), solid in the Top 3 of the discipline. The Czech Republic improved two places and anchored in fourth with 2,288, displacing New Zealand (2,065) and Canada (2007) to places five and six.

In the case of Cuba, the Island’s men’s softball remained in 14th place in the ranking, but now with 692 units, 76 less than in August.

This is how things are in the world of baseball and softball worldwide, according to the latest update of the WBSC rankings. If you want more information about the method used to calculate the points, you can click here.

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