CTO, the position that all companies seek: they earn $ 560,000

The pandemic prompted the arrival of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, process robotization, machine learning and even blockchain, to Argentine companies.

Through these innovations, companies were able to transform themselves and acquire new responsibilities, but also gain a different role in the market, depending on the case.

In this context, there is a profile that all companies in Argentina had to hire (and also take care with benefits and high salaries) pTo ensure the continuity of your business: these are technology directors, better known by their acronym in English CTO.

According to the Glassdoor platform, The average salary for a CTO is $ 191,000 and at technology companies like Globant, it is around $ 560,000 a month.

Source: Glassdoor

Source: Glassdoor

What do CTOs do and why do they earn so much?

Technology Directors.

They are an experienced type of executive who focuses on challenging the traditional structure of companies with technology and so, They are a key player in all firms.

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the figure of the CTO was focused exclusively on technology and was in charge of deciding on the toughest issues of technological infrastructure within a company.

This changed and today, these professionals are also responsible for thinking, designing and executing the entire technological strategy of a business.

So, in summary, the CTO is the person in charge of thinking strategies related to the company’s line of business, using new technologies to improve the product.

His responsibilities include developing innovation strategies, setting technological objectives, transforming the company, creating new technology-focused businesses, ensuring that the company is performing well, adding value with technology, among others.

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