Cruz Azul uncovers new shield for the Opening 2022

The Cruz Azul Cemeteries officially unveiled the new shield that they will defend from the 2022 Opening Tournament in the MX Leaguewhich presents ‘minimal’ changes such as the disappearance of the stars of their championships, in addition to the legend of Club Deportivo Cruz Azul and Mexico, a word that was used as an auction at the bottom.

Now, the shield appears clean inside and outside the blue circular outline, which is used to place the legend Club de Futbol Cruz Azul.

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The celestial shield has not been modified since 1996, when for the first time it was presented in a circular way, with 7 stars, adding one more the following year, with the arrival of another title.

We have such a big heart that our illusions and hopes, our memories and championships are in it; all the stars of the universe, those that were born in the past and those that are coming in the future

Before uncovering the new shield, Cruz Azul recounted its evolution, recalling old glories of the cement team.

This shield represents the beginning of our history, the courage of the workers of La Cruz Azul who in 1927 decided to form a soccer team where they were the players.

A shield that accompanied us for ten years, with which we climbed to the First Division in 1964 and won our first championships in 1969 and 1970.

In the 1971-1972 season we redesigned our shield with a more modern vertical format for the time. That same year we won the championship defeating America at the Azteca Stadium. The Machine was already a steamroller. We won the second championship in a row after winning the longest final in history.

The Machine was already a steamroller. We won the second championship in a row after winning the longest final in history.

The shield with which we won the three-time championship, the peak moment of an era in which we won five titles with just ten years in the First Division.

Our shield with five stars was maintained for five years, until we came out champions again under the direction of Ignacio Trelles

With six stars on our shield we achieved the bi-championship. In a game of round trips and almost comebacks, we beat Tigres by a historic score of 4 – 3.

A new century was about to begin and that required a new image. The shield was redesigned and, just like what happened to us in 1971, we came out champions again.

The eighth title arrived, and with it, the second shield that has been in the club the longest, surpassed only by the first shield in our history.

With the ninth in the showcases came what is, for now, Cruz Azul’s most recent shield.

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