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The Canadian David Cronenberg, creator of the most disturbing, provocative and organic films in cinema of the last 50 years, assures that his intention is not so much to push the public to go beyond its limits, but rather to push himself. And he says it about his last tape, crimes of the future starring Viggo Mortensen and that can be seen on Movistar +.

Born in Toronto in 1943, he is already in the history of cinema as the creator of “biological horror”, a different and groundbreaking language, very organic, a style that has been incorporated by followers such as the brilliant French filmmaker Julia Ducornau, author of titane.

«I am satisfied when they tell me that I am a role model or inspiration, but it is not for that reason that I make films. The fact that there are new directors like Ducornau confirms to me that I have a new family who are not my contemporaries, but I do consider them contemporary because of their intensity or style”, he confesses.

The director of crash (1996) and Existence (1999) recalls that he began his career as a writer, because his father was one, but the seventh art “kidnapped” him. Of course, he assures that, if he ever made a script “too extreme”, that could not be shot, he would automatically turn it into a novel. So far, he hasn’t.

Always interested in technology (all his films include the relationship between man and machine), he maintains that today, with a good mobile phone, it is possible to make a feature film. In fact, he challenges viewers to find some shots of crimes of the future rolled this way.

As we can see, despite his age, he does not stop innovating and betting on the most revolutionary techniques. And this is said by someone who has had hearing aids for a long time and recently had cataract surgery. “I don’t have the lenses I’ve seen with for the past 75 years. Today I have everything technological, so I am bionic, I am the future”, he comments humorously.

In his opinion, the work he does has nothing “prophetic”. «That is not my job, I am not trying to predict what is going to happen nor am I a politician to suggest how to fix it. But, as an artist, I have antennae that make me more sensitive. I just accidentally predict the future, but I’m not trying to warn people of anything.”

In any case, in his latest, very dense feature film, he often comes across “unsettling, disturbing things.” They are the ones that nourish a filmography of fifty titles, among which are masterpieces such as The fly (1986) or eastern promises (2007), where he has already worked with the actor Viggo Mortensen, a kind of alter ego of the director, who stars in the disturbing crimes of the future.

In it, the American actor living in Spain is Saul Tenser, an artist who uses his body as raw material for his works. Also his entrails, which he has managed to tattoo. Sometimes he feels pain, a feeling forgotten by his contemporaries, who are fascinated by the works of bodily creators like him. Everything changes when a mysterious group wishes to take advantage of Saul’s fame to reveal to the world the next stage of human evolution.

The plot of this film, in which Kristen Stewart, famous for Twilightit’s surreal, the photography claustrophobic, the music haunting… Everything house brandthe mark of a genius who won the Donostia Award at the last San Sebastián Film Festival for his vast career.

In addition to the art, which Cronenberg considers to have, in a way, “a criminal essence, just like artists,” the film is “a dystopia in which humans need to mutate in order to feed on the waste they themselves produce.” .

The filmmaker is not shy about analyzing current events: «I am concerned about the success we can have in fixing the evil that we have thrown at the world, but as long as we have the desire to change it, I think we will do something. The problem is that we have crazy things like the war in Ukraine, apart from climate change. I have no answer on whether we will succeed, but I am not optimistic.

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