Croats evaluate the summer season: We were too greedy, they admit

In Croatia, they began to self-critically evaluate the summer months. With a scoop of ice cream for four euros, that is, about 100 crowns, they miscalculated and admitted that they could do many things in the field of tourism better.

Overpriced snacks and drinks. The rise in prices, which was supposed to be hidden behind the transition of Croatia to the single European currency, caused an uproar not only among foreign tourists in the country, where thousands of Czechs come in the summer.

The news site summed up the results of the past months. “We are too expensive a destination,” the Croats self-critically admit.

The French Ann and Noa told that they really liked the Croatian coast, but were shocked by the prices on the beaches and expensive entrance tickets to national parks. “Besides, the problem is that all restaurants are the same. They only serve pizza, gnocchi and pasta. Nothing extra. We would like more choice,” complains Noah.

However, absolutely every guest of the country does not pay attention to the high cost. “I love the offer in Zagreb, we love the food here! I think the prices are reasonable. It’s not cheap, but it’s not too expensive either,” says Thomas from Germany.

The Croatia Week website acknowledges that the country’s high prices have deterred some tourists, and accommodation occupancy this year was ten percent lower than last year.

Croats fought with foreigners in Split. One man ended up in the care of doctors:

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