Criticism of The Princess, surprising and delirious cross between Tangled, John Wick and The Glass Jungle on Disney +

Summer evenings invite you to unwind. My intention was to go to the cinema to see the latest Liam Neeson but I was lazy and decided to watch a movie in Disney+, The princesswithout having a clue what was going on. In my innocent mind, I thought it would be a Xena remake. The result? One of the most surprising, delirious and shameless movies of the summer.

Girls don’t want to be princesses anymore.

Or so Sabina sang because after seeing the film more than one will sign up for the job. The film begins with a tower in the purest style of the one Rapunzel was locked up in. Tangled. The princess wakes up half dazed and with her hands chained. She has been kidnapped and she hears someone approaching her. She gets back into bed and two guards appear. One walks up to our princess, she headbutts him and immediately dislocates her thumb and starts hitting them with the chains. Yes, the princesses are not what they used to be.

From here the chaos begins. The princess must escape from her tower and she begins to descend floors, going through the hidden passageways and killing everyone who gets in front of her, like John McLane in the Nakatomi Tower. And without sparing blood or mamporros. Hosts like breads. Is this really original? Disney+?

Hosts come like bread

As the princess begins her descent, we will attend some flashbacks that tell us how we got to this point and why the princess looks like a clone of John Wick in a fantasy realm. They give some coherence to the story but they break our rhythm because what we want to see is the princess, whose name they don’t even tell us, distributing firewood. As the film progresses, what we want to see is more blood and more action scenes, very well choreographed by the way. I already wanted more than one.

It’s too late now, princess. Or not.

The objective of the princess is to rescue her family, kidnapped by Hans Gruber, I say Dominic Cooperthe most recognizable face of this delusional fantasy, along with that of Olga Kurylenko. Will he get it? Am I spoiling you if I say yes? The tape is very predictable in that aspect but in truth the plot and the message of empowerment is the least of it. What matters is to see Joey King fighting, jumping, cutting and splashing blood everywhere. The rhythm imposed by the director Le Van Kiet it’s frantic. The movie barely lasts an hour and a half and goes by in a sigh.

Hans Gruber? no, but almost

In summary, The princess It is a film that turns out to be a fairy tale with a very, very different approach to what the usual princess stories tend to be. The best thing is that lack of complexes that it has. He knows perfectly well what he is and he is not ashamed. And what is it?, someone will ask. Well, pure fun.

Yes, The princess it’s fun, it’s an original and surprising mix of genres, especially considering the platform it’s available on. And it is that it does not reach the bloody level of TheBoys far from it but it is not that they cut a hair, or at least they are well above what Disney has accustomed us to. So be warned: children refrain (you’re welcome, concerned parents; here we do think of children).

It’s not like it’s the movie of the year either, we’re not going to fool ourselves. It will have its flaws but start highlighting them as if this were the last duelas do our dear friends from Espinof, is piss out of pot. The important thing here is to have fun. Greetings and be happy.

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