Critical Warnings for Families Considering Newborn Circumcision

Emphasizing that circumcision is especially recommended for children prone to urinary tract infections, specialist in pediatric surgery, Assoc. Dr. Ali Erdal Karakaya, in his detailed report published in 2012, states that neonatal circumcision should be preferred. Neonatal circumcision is known to be especially beneficial for infants prone to urinary tract infections. It also plays an important role in preventing many diseases such as circumcision, penile infection, penile cancer. However, while the risk is low in cleanrooms, operating theaters, or practice areas, there are risks such as the development of complications.


Stating that circumcision is more appropriate before age 2 and after age 5, Assoc. Dr. Karakaya said: “While there is no specific age recommended for circumcision; Given the psychosocial aspects, circumcision performed under local anesthesia may have some psychiatric consequences in children aged 2 to 5 years. If circumcision was not performed in the family for various reasons before the age of 2, it should be left until the age of 6-10, after obtaining the consent of the child and explaining the procedure in a language suitable for the child. However, the period from the birth of a child to two years of age is the period we most recommend for circumcision.


Emphasizing that circumcision should be performed by experienced physicians and not by traditional circumcision specialists, Karakaya said, “Circumcision is a surgical procedure that must be performed in a sterile environment, practice or operating room, and it is essential that it be performed by experienced physicians. Bulk circumcisions or circumcisions performed at home are not suitable. Society often views circumcision as a simple procedure. However, it should not be forgotten that this can lead to life-threatening complications and should be taken seriously. The complication rate is much lower with circumcisions performed by experienced physicians,” he concluded.

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