Cristina Herea married Alexandra Chicha after her divorce from Mihai Benga in February. With what

Over the weekend, Cristina Herea became Mrs. Quichu. The TV presenter and Alexandru Chicu got married in a small setting, in Snagov. According to Gindul, the two witnesses at the civil wedding were Marcel Sampetru, the former Romanian Attorney General, and his wife.

The bride wore a very elegant white dress, while the groom wore a simple suit, black trousers and a navy blue jacket. Here are HERE photos of Cristina Herea and Alexandru Chicu at the wedding.

According to the source mentioned above, Cristina Herea has confirmed her marriage to Alexandru Chicu. “Yes, it’s true. Alexandru is the person who gave meaning to my life, and for that I thank God,” she told us, completing her husband’s words.

“Yes, I confirm. Cristina is the woman whom I have been waiting for all my life. With her, the last and deepest stage of my life begins for me,” said Alexandru Chicu.


Who is Alexandru Chicu, the new husband of Cristina Herea

Alexander Kich is 49 years old, a lawyer. Gandul said he was a prosecutor until 2007, being one of the founders of the current National Anti-Corruption Authority (NAC) and the first prosecutor in history to prosecute a minister for corrupt practices.

Among his clients were Lia Olguta Vasilescu, Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, Ovidiu Tender and Claudiu Manda. Currently, he is also a lawyer at the Chisinau Bar Association.

Christina Herea divorced Mihai Benga in February.

In 2020, Cristina Herea and Mihai Benga met at an event at the Palace of the Parliament. It was he who noticed her, struck up a conversation with her, and since then they have been inseparable. They quickly got married in a civil marriage, in July 2020 they became husband and wife, Remus Truika and his wife Diana became witnesses who supported the couple.

Later, in November 2021, they became the parents of a little girl, who was named Ekaterina. Now, after three years of relationship, Christina Herya divorced Mihai Benga. In February of this year, they signed the divorce papers.

“Yes, it’s true, we officially divorced at a notary in February of this year. We are two mature and responsible people who have chosen different paths. There was nothing sensational about it. On the other hand, yes, my ex-husband and I will continue to stay close to our daughter and follow her steps through life, and this is very important,” Cristina Herea told Cancan.

Asked if she had already rebuilt her life after her divorce, she explained, “All I can tell you now is that there is peace and balance in my life. I am surrounded by wonderful people, parents and friends for life. I’m fine, and I promise that if there’s anything to announce, I’ll do it without hesitation. In the meantime, this is the last statement I will make on this topic. And thank you!”

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