Cristiano Ronaldo and the Mexican player who made him laugh when he met him

The Mexican player who made Cristiano Ronaldo laugh
The Mexican player who made Cristiano Ronaldo laugh

Cristiano Ronaldo has a very serious and strong personality before the media, however, a Mexican recognized that he knows another facet of the Portuguese striker, whom he considers an outgoing character and who has a very good personality.

In an interview for ‘Hugo Sánchez Presenta’, Mexican striker Javier Hernández acknowledged that Cristiano Ronaldo is not the image he shows to the media where he takes great care of himself. Chicharito assured that in the privacy of the locker room, CR7 has a very fun and outgoing personality.

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“I had a very good relationship with him. She is very funny and outgoing, but she takes great care of the media issue, ”said Chicharito, who confessed that on more than one occasion he made the Portuguese forward smile with whom he shared a dressing room at Real Madrid.

What does Cristiano Ronaldo think of Chicharito?

Cristiano Ronaldo has given good references about the Mexican striker Javier Hernández. Although his stay at Real Madrid was short-lived, Chicharito managed to have a good relationship with the Portuguese, beyond the off-field conflicts that circulated in Spain.

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