Cowboys vs Falcons (43-3): Brutal beating from Dallas to Atlanta | VIDEO

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The NFL Week 10 continues its course and this day we had to see a great game between the Dallas Cowboys vs Atlanta Falcons, the same as posed no problem for Dak Prescott and company, because they knew how to handle the ball, made the points and beat their rival.

The Cowboys, contrary to other seasons, they are having a great action within the NFL, because They are 7-2 (counting this result) and They are positioned at the top of the NFC East.

The actions of the game in the NFL

From the first quarter the clearing was seen Cowboys dominance then CeeDee achieved the first annotation for Dallas and after that came a Field goal by Younghoe Koo for Atlanta, leaving the marker 7-3.

After this lapse, control would be for the Cowboys, as there would be no possibility of reaction for the Falcons despite the offensive plays that they would later assemble.

Ezekiel Elliott had two touchdowns in the second quarter, CeeDee would contribute one more and Nahshon Wright would close the beating in this period. 36-3 after achieving a conversion in the latter case.

At third quarter the advantage was going to be extended a little more after another touchdown of the Dallas cowboys and that would be enough to put the Falcons totally on the canvas.

Matt ryan and company They looked for a way that the beating was not so great but they couldn’t do anything for the Falcons, so the final result was 43-3 in favor of Cowboys.

The Atlanta Falcons are 4-5 on the NFC South and they are located at the moment in the last place; there are 8 more weeks to go in the NFL and anything can happen.

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