Cowardly reaction of the accused of kicking a young man in the face to steal a cell phone and 300 pesos

The only one arrested for the beating
The only one arrested for the beating

After being arrested for savagely beating a young man along with three accomplices during an assault in Laferrere, Paul Caesar Thomas Goddard (21) He was willing to testify to -they believe in Justice- deny his participation in the event. However, when Belen Casal Gattothe prosecutor in charge of the file, showed him the video in which it is clearly observed how he kicked the victim in the face after beating her to death. steal his cell phone and 300 pesosthe defendant automatically chose not to say a single word

“Nope. I do not declare”said Goddard, seeing himself.

The brutal beating occurred this holiday Monday at the intersection of Murguiondo and Ascazubi, around 6.30, when Diego German Sanchez Ortega33 years old, He walked back home. At that moment, a group of four criminals approached him from behind with the intention of stealing what he was carrying. As seen on security camera footage, the victim was severely beaten while the thieves took his wallet and phone.

According to the investigation, after fully reducing him, Goddard capped off the attack with a kick to the face. In the images you can see how Sánchez was lying on the street badly injured and unconscious. His assailants, meanwhile, escaped on foot. Almost immediately, neighbors called 911 and thanks to the fact that there was a Buenos Aires Police cell phone in the area, Goddard was able to be arrested just 200 meters from the place. The other three escaped and are still wanted by investigators.

“Among his belongings he had the victim’s ID. It was then that the arrest was ordered,” said prosecutor Casal Gatto, head of Laferrere’s decentralized UFI No. 1, in dialogue with infobae.

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The detainee “is 21 years old and in our computer system for now we do not detect that he has a criminal record,” he added.

This was the brutal beating of a young man to rob him in Laferrere

For now, Goddard has been charged with the crime of aggravated robbery in a town and in a gang. However, the prosecutor is waiting for the medical reports on Diego to find out the degree of the injuries. “I want to know if they were mild or very serious. Whether or not the qualification is changed will depend on that,” clarified the prosecutor, who summoned the beaten man (who has already been discharged), witnesses and the person who provided the video to testify.. You are expected to complete these steps over the next few hours or even days.

Regarding the defendant’s situation, the prosecutor pointed out that for now, Goddard will continue to be detained and that due to the seriousness of what he allegedly did, at least he would receive a sentence of three years in prison. His objective is now focused on capturing the rest of the gang but he does not minimize the fact that at least the one who dealt the worst blows to the victim was arrested: the kick in the face. In addition, he was the one who took the man by the neck at the beginning of the sequence.

Goddard had the victim's documentation when he was arrested
Goddard had the victim’s documentation when he was arrested

“Whether we detain the others or not, this boy will continue to be detained. youI have to certify the injury to my face from the kick, but it was very violent“, the prosecutor maintained.

According to the victim’s sister in dialogue with various media, Diego had four stitches on his head, they bandaged him and cleaned him because he was full of blood and mud. He still doesn’t remember the moment of the beating. The police came to talk to the man but what he said was not much. Therefore, the testimony of the victim before the prosecution becomes key.

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