COVID passport: how to download and obtain the certificate in Google Pay and Wallet of Android and iOS

ANDl COVID passport has come to stay. More and more territories are implementing its use to access certain establishments or events, since it certifies for a third person that we have received the complete guideline, that we have recently passed the disease or that we have a test PCR negative.

Carrying it with you becomes commonplace and we tell you the steps to follow to download it, regardless of the OS from your mobile phone. It is the best way to always have the certificate at hand, since we always carry our mobile with us.

How to get the COVID passport?

The first step is to enter the website of the Ministry of Health. Once there, we must follow the instructions to request the certificate in format PDF. Then we will have to choose if we want to process the passport through the same page or, failing that, from that of the different autonomous communities.

If we choose the first option, to continue on the website of the Ministry of Health, the system will ask us to identify ourselves. Here we have the usual options for this type of procedure: the digital certificate or the permanent key. Once we carry out this step, the system will ask us for some personal information, such as the date of birth.

How to download the COVID passport on iOS?

At this point we can choose if we want to receive the passport in Wallet format, especially for telephones ios. By checking the corresponding box, you will also ask us for a telephone number to send us a SMS to device. Moments later we will receive a message with an address where we can download it.

How to download the COVID passport on Android?

In case our phone is Android, we must perform all the steps previously described. Anyway, last of all, when we confirm if we want to download the file in format Wallet, we must bear in mind that it will be necessary to use an extra application.

What we need in this case is an app Play Store that allows us to change the file format of Wallet to one of Google Pay. When we download the Wallet file to the phone, we must access the external application to change the format to always have it at hand.

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