Covid: new variant of Pirola discovered in Catalonia, a “completely different virus” at the gates of France

COVID-19Return ? Symptoms more severe, increase in cases… This pre-school week, the same observation at the coffee machine: “We” says that corona virus makes its comeback.

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Covid-19: concern in Catalonia, where 500 hospitalizations have already been reported due to the much more contagious variant of Eris.

Actually, bounce actually observed this summer, in particular in Cataloniasince last Tuesday 489 people were still hospitalized. “THAT Eris variant causes an increase in infections with significantly higher transmission than the other options. If they do not get sick, then the proportion of infected children in Catalonia is clearly increasing.”wrote L’Indépendant on 22 August. “But that’s another option, VA.2.86which worries the authorities, because it includes many more mutations than its predecessors, which makes it subvariant of Omicron very different from the previous ones. In particular, he was taken under the supervision of the WHO and the United States..

6 countries

Baptized variant Pirola. And which was discovered in Catalonia based on the results of analyzes of residual water that our colleagues from El Periodico were able to obtain. This variant, of concern to the World Health Organization, has so far only been found in Denmark, South Africa, the UK, Israel and Switzerland.

A variant that has so far been referred to as a sub-variant of Omicron, but may be “significantly different virus”This was stated by epidemiologists interviewed by El Periodico. A little “looks like a jump that happened between Delta and Omicron variants”explains Roger Paredes, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Trias and Pujol Brothers Hospital in Badalona.

A variant that was discovered in the 32nd week, that is, between August 7 and 13. And so he should soon arrive in France. If it hasn’t already been done.

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