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Adam Graveley and Caitlin’s lives took a 180 degree turn in late 2020 after learning they were both diagnosed with terminal cancer; however, these young parents sought support to avoid orphans their young children. Although one of them unfortunately passed away a few months ago, the account of his case serves as a source of inspiration for those who are also going through a difficult time like them.

Adam GraveleyThe 38-year-old lived her entire life in the UK, until she moved to Australia in 2007. He was able to settle down after getting a good job and met Caitlin, a 39-year-old woman from Perth. They later married and had two children: Thea, two years old, and Fearn, four months old, reported the British media. The Sun.

The start of the nightmare

They lived several years of tranquility and joy, until at the beginning of this year Caitlin began to feel severe pain. At first she attributed it to her recent delivery, but after a colonoscopy, it was learned that she has stage 4 cancer.. By then, the disease had spread to his liver, intestine, and other organs.

The bad news continued

In November 2020, just 5 weeks after giving birth to Fearn, Cait received the devastating news that she had bowel cancer, leaving Adam and the family devastated. Then, just 8 weeks later, the family received the most terrible news, as if things could not get worse: Adam had started to have stomach pains and was taken to the hospital, days later they confirmed that he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer which spread to the liver.

Caitlin has had her tumor removed. Also, you are receiving chemotherapy to treat metastasis in your body. For its part, Adam maintained an extremely aggressive experimental treatment. They are both fighting for their lives and for their family, as they do not want their children to lose their parents.

Online fundraising campaign

Friends, family and people who have known the story of this couple, have tried to help in different ways: taking care of the children, cleaning, cooking, and even created a website, where they receive donations to pay for treatment.

Likewise, with the money received, Adam’s mother, who lives in England, can travel to visit him and accompany him in his fight against cancer.

The solidarity of the Internet

After the case of Adam and Caitlin went viral, netizens showed their more supportive side and managed to raise 40,386 pounds (approximately 54,177.78 dollars, at the current exchange rate).

The sad outcome, the father passed away

On the page where the funds were raised for parents with cancer, a user named Hannah Sutch commented on the sad news that Adam passed away a few months ago. “Hello everyone, it is with great sadness and regret to have to inform you. Unfortunately, Adam passed away on May 19 after a very short battle. I know that he and Cait are very grateful for all of their donations and kind words of support, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each and every person who has donated. “, it is possible to read.

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