Coup d’état or resignation: Vladimir Putin would have the months numbered to stop being president of Russia due to his “illness” and receive medical treatment | International | News

Since Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, his life is more exposed than usual. The Russian president fueled rumors of his possible illness, which, according to the international media, could suffer from Parkinson’s and abdominal cancer.

Former British services commander Richard Dearlove said “Putin is likely to be ill” and “will be sent to a sanatorium,” according to The Mirror. On the One Decision podcast, the former head of the UK Intelligence Service indicated that the president would soon leave office to receive medical treatment.

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The date on which Vladimir Putin would cease to be president of Russia

Due to the “disappointing” management of the invasion in Ukraine, Major General Kyrylo Budanov, 36, stated that a coup is already underway to overthrow him, which could take place at the end of the summer, specifically, in the “first fortnight of August”.

Meanwhile, Dearlove believes that “he will be gone by 2023, but to go to a sanatorium. And from then on he will no longer be the leader of Russia. That’s a way to move things forward without a hit,” he added.

Dearlove also affirms that the economy is “in a mess”, since the sanctions “are going to start to take effect in the next three to six months, and there will be very high inflation and beyond that, militarily it is a complete fiasco”.

Will Putin leave because of his health condition or because of a coup?

Dearlove affirms that since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with the great media coverage that focused above all on Vladimir Putin, given the mystery of where he was directing the entire invasion, while Volodimir Zelensky was showing his face every day, they were intensified. rumors about the Russian’s health.

According to an investigation into Putin’s deteriorating health, his mood has worsened in recent years. Political scientist and professor Valery Solovey, former head of the Department of Public Relations at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, stated in an interview that Putin has cancer and also symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

On the other hand, British-American foreign affairs specialist Fiona Hill claimed on social media that “Putin doesn’t look so good, he’s been quite bloated.”

Leukemia, Parkinson’s, abdominal cancer, are some of the diseases with which it is linked. What is confirmed is the president’s new way of walking, dark spots on his skin and the swelling with which he is seen in each public act. (I)

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