Could ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Have a Happy Ending?

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When is a series sold out? The same impertinent question has chased every big TV hit of the last twenty years: from ‘Friends’ to ‘Game of Thrones’. And ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is no exception. When there is only one episode left for the HBO Max fiction to say goodbye to its fifth season (and after its creator, Bruce Miller, has confirmed that there will be a sixth and final one), the reality is that the signs of exhaustion that were already evident in previous installments are now impossible to ignore.

The series starring Elisabeth Moss moves in a loop, continues to abuse the close-ups of its protagonist to emphasize dystopia, he insists on conspiracies, internecine struggles, misogynistic speeches and reactionaries and torture porn. And yet, there is something different about this fifth season that sets it apart from all the others. For the first time since it began, the series based on the eponymous novel by Margaret Atwood contains certain doses of hope. Could ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Have a Happy Ending? Attention: low intensity ‘spoilers’.

Serena and June, an unexpected truce

According to Yvonne Strahovsky, who plays Serena Joy in fiction, that would be asking too much. “I don’t think there can be a happy ending,” Strahovski explained after the fifth season of fiction has staged a unexpected truce between June and Serena. But could the archenemies end up forming a alliance against Gilead? “It’s too idealistic, I don’t think the writers or our showrunnerBruce Miller, did that.”

OT Fagbenle, who plays Luke in fiction, has also ruled out the possibility of a happy ending in which his character and June meet again. reunite with his daughter, Hannah. However, the fifth season of the series has speculated on that outcome, but also with a less terrifying and more decaffeinated version of Gilead led by Commander Lawrence.

‘The Wills’

In fact, How will ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ end? It will depend on how faithful its creators want to be to the original material: both to Atwood’s novel and its sequel, ‘The Testaments’, which places the events 15 years after the conclusion of the original book, and which in 2019 won the prestigious Booker Prize. The history, less dystopian and more hopefulwill also have its adaptation to the screen to continue squeezing the literary universe of the canadian writer.

Although Margaret Atwood says that whether the ending will be happy or not will depend, above all, on us. Of if we are of those who see glass half full or half empty. It will, in all probability, be an open ending. One of those who always let someone down…

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