Costa Rican press explodes after rout: “The worst ridicule in history”

The Costa Rican team He showed all his football shortcomings from start to finish after being brutally dominated and thrashed by Spain in his debut in Qatar World Cup 2022. The 7-0 loss will be something difficult to digest and overcome in Costa Rica for a long time and the local press was in charge of highlighting this performance through critical headlines.

Radio Columbia left a brief, but clear message after the exhibition against Spain: “Most beautiful quiet: From going for the world title to the worst ridicule in history”, and they added: “(Costa Rica) never lost so resoundingly in a major World Cup. He didn’t play that bad.”

Channel 7 pointed out through its website “(Spain) struck the heart of Costa Rica with a humiliating win (…) the World Cup illusion vanished very soon.”

La Nación newspaper concluded: “The huge difference between Spain and Costa Rica with a record that is sad. (Costa Rica) was not even close to competing (…) Spain took a walk against Costa Rica”.

Costa Rica plays everything against Japan

Starting a World Cup with a defeat practically conditions you to have no margin for error and go for the wins in the two remaining group stage matches. In the case of Costa Rica, only victories would help them, otherwise they will practically say goodbye to the great soccer event.

Keylor Navas and Costa Rica will play the second match of the Qatar 2022 group stage against Japan. The match will take place this Sunday, November 27 at 05:00 ET, at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium.

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