Corey Seager and Semien want to sign before strike

According to information from ESPN’s Jeff Passan, free agents Corey seager and Marcus semien They could sign sooner than is believed, as both markets have accelerated that they could even be tied up with new teams before December 1, just when the current collective agreement between MLB and the Players Union (MLBPA) comes to an end .

Because it is very likely that on December 2 there will be work stoppage Until both parties reach an agreement, “as long as they are pears or apples”, Seager and Semien could have already signed off on one of the 30 organizations that make up the league as soon as possible, since apparently it gives them fear of going on strike without having a contract in hand.

It should be noted that both the Dodgers and Blue Jays, the last teams in which both infielders played, want to have them back on their roster for the next few seasons, however, there are teams like the Yankees that are stepping on the accelerator to become a new shortstop for the United States. qualities of these two, who along with Carlos Correa, Javy Báez and Trevor Story, are emerging as the most prominent in free agency.

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