Córdoba brings together more than 700 experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation

More than 700 experts in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will attend the 60th National Congress of the Spanish Society for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (SERMEF), which will also be the 2nd Ibero-American Congress on Rehabilitation. The meeting will take place from June 15 to 18, 2022 in the Palace of Congresses of Cordova.

The SERMEF congress will bring together rehabilitation doctors from Spain, Portugal and Latin America being held jointly with the 2nd Ibero-American Rehabilitation Congress. In this edition there will also be attendees in telematic format, which will allow rehabilitation doctors from Portugal and Latin America to attend. Approximately there will be about 100 congressmen who will attend in telematic format. Thus, it is expected that the total number of congressmen will be around 800.

The medical specialty of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine plays a fundamental role in the National Health System because citizens demand efficient and quality care to prevent and treat the physical sequelae of ailments and diseases, which are inevitably associated, in many cases, with to the high rates of disability in Spain, related in turn to the constant increase in the aging of the population and, therefore, to chronicity.

Rehabilitation doctors mainly focus their activity on recovering or improving functionality in patients with disabilities. In this sense, the congress will present new developments in neurorehabilitation (stroke, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, brain stimulation, etc), child rehabilitation, oncological rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation (pain, degenerative pathology, osteoporosis, etc), as well as other processes addressed by medical rehabilitation (lymphedema, pelvic floor rehabilitation, voice pathology, etc.).

Likewise, the scientific event will also highlight technological innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies that require Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and will feature the presence of top-level international specialists among the speakers. The focus will also be placed on the importance of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in addressing disability due to disability derived from the sequelae of serious pathologies caused, among other causes, by obesity such as heart problems, cerebrovascular accidents, arterial hypertension, apnea of sleep, osteoarthritis and mobility problems due to joint injuries and bone deformities, among other issues.

The crucial role of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the current COVID-19 pandemic will also be put on the table. The need to apply rehabilitation treatments for the physical sequelae that COVID has caused in a significant number of patients will be highlighted. These have a negative impact on the quality of life of patients, as well as that of their families and caregivers. In this context, it should be noted that Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation also deals with the ‘post-covid-19’ disease, also called persistent COVID.


The president of the SERMEF, Dr. Carolina De Miguel, has underlined that “in this congress, the commitment to face-to-face attendance is once again so that we can share professional experiences, as well as being a benchmark for meeting members of the scientific society and medical specialty professionals. “Córdoba, due to its congress infrastructure and its heritage beauty, is an ideal city for the organization of our congress. We know this well because in 2012 we held the congress in this very city with great success”, she added.

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