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From being played until a third and definitive final match, as happened until 1987 in the Copa Libertadores de América, it was passed, from 2019, to the establishment of a single final to establish the champion of the continent. That modality was also applied from the same 2019 for the South American Cup. The format of resolving the title in a single match could change after the 2022 edition that will be played this Saturday, in Guayaquil, between Flamengo and Athletico Paranaense. The change could be absolute, or possibly partial.

The analysis of making variants is mentioned in a note published this Wednesday by the newspaper ACEfrom Madrid, with this headline: ‘Conmebol assumes the failure of the European finals’ and plans a radical change’.

It is mentioned that “there is concern in Luque, the city where the headquarters of the South American Football Confederation is located. And the discomfort comes exclusively from the lack of success in replicating what is done in Europe, defining the international club tournaments in South America in single-match finals”.

Unique finals have been played for the Libertadores in the editions corresponding to 2019 (Flamengo 2, River Plate 1, in Lima), 2020 (Palmeiras 1, Santos 0, in Rio de Janeiro), and 2021 (Palmeiras 2, Flamengo 1, in Montevideo). ). In the case of the South American, the finals of 2019 and 2022, a single match, won by Independiente del Valle, were held in Asunción and Córdoba, respectively. Those of 2020 were also in Córdoba and that of 2021 in Montevideo.

Few people from Paranaense

follow the rotary ACE, who mentions that the finals played in a single game, “in almost all of them the public was a problem in relation to the stadium. In general, the Libertadores finals have sold out, but on this occasion it has drawn attention that the public of Athletico Paranaense has not been able to sell out the tickets that were available for them”.

The low attendance of the public is more evident in the finals of the Copa Sudamericana. There, in that tournament, “the problem has been more common and has been shown in the last two editions: less than a third of the Centenario stadium, sold for the 2021 final played between Paranaense and Bragantino, added to the fact that the last edition between Independiente del Valle and Sao Paulo, played in Córdoba, had less than 20% of the public that could cover the stadium,

On the eve of a new definition of the Copa Libertadores final, different directors and advisers according to ACEhave recognized the great inconvenience they have had with the definitions to a single match, so that in the next meetings, some things could change.

the two probabilities

There are two options. “The first proposal that gains supporters is that they continue to make unique finals, but in the capitals of the countries or, in the case of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, the city with the easiest access to the rest of South America. Thus, the fans would avoid the great difficulties in terms of money and connections that they must make to go to cities where in many countries there are no direct flights, ”says the Spanish media outlet.

What other possibility is handled? “The other alternative, and which is gaining more ground every day, is the one that goes for the return of the two-way finals. The argument is that it will favor the spectacle, there will no longer be empty stadiums and it will return to the essence of South American football, since not all fans have enough money to pay for a ticket and a ticket outside their country, something that necessarily happens with the unique final in another destination”. (D)

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