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Continental proposes a smart alternative to the current design of car dashboards, electric or not, which tend to more and more large screens. With the ShyTech display, the German supplier removes the non-relevant information which can be a distraction for the driver. Its elegant design it combines with the interior of the vehicle offering a harmonious image behind which hides all the information that is needed to drive but that shows up only when necessary.

The current trend to fill the dashboard with increasingly large screens with a large amount of information in view can be a cause of distractions for the driver. In addition, in many cases, the information they show is not always necessary even if it is continuously present. ShyTech it is a screen in which it is only present when it is needed, according to Continental, “as if by magic”.

ShyTech Continental activation screen

ShyTech display technology means that information is only presented when it is needed.

Its design mimics the materials of the interior of the car so that it is perfectly integrated into it. Depending on the interior of the car, its appearance can be made of wood, carbon, or a leather surface. ShyTech blends seamlessly into the surrounding semi-transparent surface, mimicking the look of the dash. As explained by Ulrich Lüders, Chief Strategy Officer of Continental’s Human Machine Interface Business Unit, this integrated design gives access to a host of new features at the same time, without overwhelming the occupants and reduces possible sources of distraction for the driver of the car.

It is made in such a way that it appears that dashboard appears in one piece, without any indication that all the usual information and entertainment can appear behind that surface. The result is a clean and visually appealing interior design reduced to the bare essentials, with the ShyTech screen completely hidden from the human eye when not in use.

The smart display easily activated, simply by bringing your hand closer to its surface, activating it through voice control or by tapping on it. Continental ShyTech displays can be placed anywhere inside the car, allowing for a neat interior. Among other components, the system incorporates a special backlight that is coordinated with the LCD panel and the decorative surface, allowing the content of the screen to appear with the brightness and sharpness necessary in each lighting situation. The information is fully visible and legible both in direct sunlight and in low-light situations, on cloudy and rainy days. In any case, the information always appears highly contrasted to facilitate its reading.

ShyTech Continental display placement

The ShyTech display opens the door to a host of new features for the driver and occupants, without disturbing or distracting them.

Continental has not provided information on the costs of implementing these types of displays in cars. Due to its great integration, collaboration with manufacturers to adapt it to the interior of each model is essential for this new technology. Continental awaits launch the ShyTech display to market in 2023.

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