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Although they have not yet managed to form a majority in Congress, in the Historical Pact there are already three clearly defined candidates to aspire to the presidency of the Senate.

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Usually it is customary that the beginning of the period of a new Congress is for the party of the president.

However, it is clear that today the Historical Pact, which supported the presidential aspiration of Gustavo Petro, still does not have the majority to retain the presidency of Congress.

That majority means having at least 55 senators and formally the Pact today only has 22. Of course, to that would be added the 13 from the Esperanza Verde Center Coalition and the five from Comunes. On paper it does not seem very complicated that they manage to get the majority.

In that sense, three key tokens of the Historical Pact have already begun the bidding to become president of Congress. There is Senator Roy Barreras, who was already president of the Senate, Gustavo Bolívar, perhaps the closest to Petro, and Senator Alexander López, who comes from the Polo Democrático.

Although Barreras, who during the campaign was the head of Petro’s parliamentary debate, started that race much earlier, although in recent days it seems that he lost a bit of intensity.

In the meantime, Bolívar, who is no secret to anyone, is one of the congressmen closest to the president-electto the point that he headed the list of the community for the Senate, yesterday he was surprised when through his Twitter account he nominated his name as President of the Senate.

“I submit my name as president of the Senate. I offer my loyal support to the new president Gustavo Petro, my experience of four years in the Senate and the economic commissions that approved the budget law,” he said.

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However, it is clear that Bolívar is not a congressman highly appreciated by his colleagues. Even in this period, although he was the formal candidate of the minorities for the second vice presidency, in Congress he was even denied that possibility and he had to go to the judicial branch to be allowed to exercise that dignity.

Alexander López is a veteran congressman, who has militated in the Polo Democrático and who during the campaign basically became the promoter of Vice President Francia Márquez.

It is a fact that all this will depend on the political agreements that are reached in the coming days and until the majorities of the Historical Pact are consolidated in the legislature, then these candidacies cannot be consolidated.

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