Color your hair so that you only have to go to the hairdresser once every six months.

If you don’t know what hair color to choose this fall, we are here to help. These beautiful shades are sure to be relevant this season.

Beautiful hairstyles for autumn

Changing hair color is never easy. In this case, we consider many things: how much money will I have to spend on care, whether the color will look good at all, and how much the coloring / bleaching will damage my hair. Since we are fans of naturalness, we always say that it is worth choosing a shade that is close to your own hair color. Fortunately, there are already many highlighting styles and techniques that can be used to achieve great results without drastic changes. Plus, these shades are low-maintenance, so you don’t have to go to the hairdresser every month with them (Of course, it’s different for gray hair, but click here to find a beautiful highlighter trend that you can use to hide gray hair) . locks).

Now we will show you which shades to go for if you have brown, blonde, black or red hair:

If you have brown hair: Brown with highlights. For a slightly lighter, yet low-maintenance option, head hairdresser Schwann Perkins recommends auburn with highlights. “Auburn is a natural brown with caramel and gold undertones and a rich shimmer,” she says. You can spice up this hairstyle with light highlights!

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