Colombian ambassador to the US resigns due to Petro’s triumph

The Ambassador of Colombia to the United States, Juan Carlos PinzónHe presented his resignation on Monday after confirming the triumph of Gustavo Petro in the presidential this Sunday: “I will not work with the next administration, plain as that.”

Pinzón has justified that his resignation is “a declaration of achievements and principles” and has trusted that the new Petro government will make decisions that not only give “tranquility” to Colombia and its institutions, but also those that do not “throw back the achievements” so far achieved.

“In life you have to be clinging to the principles and values ​​in which you believe and I think it is prudent to fulfill that mission before one day of the end of the current administration and that the next administration has other decisions”, has said Pinzón in a conversation with the RCN station.

“You have to build on what has been built and not damage what works well”, defended the still Colombian ambassadorwho has asked the new government to work on the basis of the bipartisan relations that Colombia has always maintained with the different White House administrations.

In that sense, Pinzón, who will leave office after eleven months, has pointed out that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, “is someone who deeply loves Colombia”as “it has shown” by declaring, for example, the country “as a non-NATO member strategic ally”.

Petro’s victory in the second round with 50.44 percent of the votes has been recognized by the White House through its Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who has congratulated the Colombian people “for exercising their right to vote and reaffirm the strength of its democracy”.

“We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with President-elect Gustavo Petro and building a more democratic and equitable hemisphere,” the US secretary said on Twitter.

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